If you have a business in more than one state that provides goods and services, then you will definitely have a hard time filling for your GST input credit. As under the GST authorities, the invoicing has to be organized according to the state where the goods or services are sold, Input tax credit under GST is state-centric. If you want to Claim your 9% of GST Input Tax Credit then you must have GST registration in the state where you are supplying your goods or services and for GST registration you will require an Office address in each of those states where you are serving. Now imagine, how expensive would it be to have physical office in all the states your business operates. There is an alternative solution to it, Virtual Office. With Virtual office space, you can own an office without having to rent a complete physical office space. You can use the professional addresses of premium business centers and coworking spaces at a fraction of a cost.

GST number can be obtained on a virtual office address: – Yes, with proper rent agreement documentation, GST number can be obtained with Virtual Office. Rent Agreement on Stamp paper, Address Proof, and NOC from the legal owner are provided.

Some Major cities where Aaddress provides Virtual Offices are: –  Aaddress provides virtual office address in all 29 states of India. The major cities included are Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Noida, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Gurgaon, and all the metro cities.

Documents which are provided under Virtual Office for GST Registration: – Agreement, Proper Address Proof, and NOC from the legal owner of the place. The documents have to be in proper format and guidelines as outlined by the GST Authorities.

Aaddress provides a reasonable virtual office address for GST Registration: – Yes, Aaddress provides a wide range of virtual office spaces from low-cost to premium ones in most prime business districts of the city. Also, we provide an end-to-end solution for submitting your GST registration (at additional charges).