Business can be very risky if you don’t take the right steps. Business can be very expensive if you don’t want to learn and invest in it. If you have an online business or an e-commerce seller, your business structure can be quite rough depending on the choices you make. Online E-commerce is growing at Rapidly in India due to the availability of the World Wide Web, i.e. the Internet and the growing smart phone market in India. This inspires small business owners to enter the world of online e-commerce businesses.

Way to Start an E-Commerce Business

  1. Select the business model

There are two models in which an e-commerce business model works:

• Register your business in a established portal, ie. Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm for products and services, you can register your business.

• Start the e-commerce platform by creating your e-commerce portal.

  • Commercial registration is required to start an online e-commerce

After confirming your business model, it is important to obtain a business register to be successful. Registering your e-commerce business is required to be legal. However, if you want to accept online payments again. You want to integrate a payment gateway into your website, you need to register your business. All providers request company registration to authorize the payment gateway.

  • Opening a bank account

Since the company is registered, you must open a bank account with each bank to open a bank, the following documents are required:

1. A copy of the PAN card or the E-PAN card.

2. Social contract.

3. Certificate of incorporation.

4. Board decision to open an account and identify the persons authorized to manage the account.

  • GST registration

Professional Pan card for opening a bank account. When it opens, we should create another indirect tax file. Like all e-commerce companies such as Flip-Kart, Amazon and Paytm, etc. They require their supplier to perform GST registration.You cannot register with the GST registration number because it applies to both service providers and you can approach a market online with the following documents:

• Copy of the PAN card,

• Company charter and

• Canceled check

• GST registration number

  • The payment gateway for online E-commerce companies

A payment gateway is a mandatory requirement. If you have your own website. All markets have an existing payment gateway infrastructure. The meaning of payment gateway is a business service provided by an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes the processing of direct or credit card payments for online e-commerce merchants.