A virtual office is a combination of people, a place, technologies, and processes that come together to help businesses and individuals work more efficiently, often in a remote way.

A virtual office provides most things a physical office does. It’s a place for your business to receive and store mail, and there are on-site receptionists. There are on-site meeting rooms and day offices that you can rent by the hour, as needed, and you can publish your virtual office address on your business cards and marketing material.

You can have a local business phone number and have calls routed to receptionists, who will take messages and handle calls according to your instructions.

In short, a virtual office provides pretty much everything you’ll find in a regular serviced office agreement… minus the actual office space. Sure, you can use office space by the hour, but the rest of the time you’ll work from home, a co-working space, or on-the-go. It’s flexible, low-cost, and it means you’re not tied to an expensive full-time office lease.

If you plan to spend time working in the city but you don’t want the cost and commitment of regular office space, a number of virtual office centers now offer part- or full-time co-working options. It’s a great option for home-based entrepreneurs, startups or small business owners who want a professional place to work alongside other like-minded professionals. Our co-working plans are yearly, which gives you more flexibility and control over your business budget.