Virtual office space, whether it’s a shared office or private office can sometimes feel cold and impersonal. You may even feel like your business is staying in a temporary model, not settling into its permanent home. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t realize that they’re free to personalize their spaces. For as long as you rent the virtual space, we want you to feel empowered to make it your own. 

Freshen the air with an essential oil diffuser

Personalizing your office space isn’t just about how things look. The entire experience matters, all the way down to how the room smells. You can buy essential oil diffusers in a dizzying array of designs, so shop around until you find one that fits your aesthetic. There is also an extensive number of oils to choose from. Scented candles are another great decor option, especially if you’re trying to make the virtual office feel cozier during the cold winter months. 

Light up your desk

Having enough light is one of the easiest ways to design your Virtual office space with a concentration in mind. In a perfect world, every office space would be in natural sunlight. Even though many offices do have large windows and plenty of light, it’s not always enough on dark days.

Desk lamps are an affordable way to up the aesthetic in your rented virtual office, and your space might also benefit from an additional floor lamp. You could even mount battery powered sconces onto the walls of your office for a more dramatic look.

Fill your company’s personality into your virtual office space

If you own, run, or manage a small business, your office’s interior design is a reflection of the company as a whole. Before you dive into decorating, think about the company’s personality. No matter what type of personality the business has, use that information to guide office decor choices. Soon enough, your virtual office space will feel like home and you’ll be working from a well-designed productivity zone.