We all know that unengaged employees are bad for business. There are endless ways you can ignite passion in the employees who help your small business thrive., here are some  of the best ways for small business employers to create a more focused and energized workforce.

  1. Start with yourself : Employees need to see their leaders engaging in the same type of behavior that’s expected of them. Same standard should apply to everyone in the company. Similarly, showing your enthusiasm for the business and what it does will help employees tap into their own drive to help the company succeed.
  2. Appreciate your Team : Say a simple thank you to your team for their hardwork. Acknowledging the efforts of team members builds trust and shows that you really do care about their contributions. Verbal or written appreciation is wonderful, but you can provide them little perks to them which encourage them to do better at their jobs.
  3. Give your employees flexibility : Today’s employees needs flexibility from their Leaders. Every member of your team has a life outside of work that’s full of Work and commitments. Help your team be present for the important moments in their lives by allowing them the flexibility to adjust their schedule or working location when needed.
  4. Ask them their Issues: Ask your team for their thoughts on everything from working conditions to project strategy. When someone shares their thoughts, listen them carefully with an open mind and curious mindset. This helps everyone in your business and  great for business in other ways. You will  learn about potential problems before they become big issues, for your employees and for company.
  5. Invest some time Together : Social connections between colleagues is one of the best ways to engage employees. Having fun as a team does not need to be expensive or time consuming. You could plan a monthly lunch where everyone brings a dish, or simply build time for socializing into the schedule. No matter how you approach employee engagement,

 Remembering the Golden Rule is a good place to start: Treat others how you would like to be treated, and things will fall into place.