Govt. Realized some guidelines and Rules to re-open Offices and Businesses. The rules address some requirements to re-open offices. Companies can re-open their Offices with Some Guidelines Mentioned Below:

General Guidelines

  • Offices will be re-open with a maximum of 50% of Staff Capacity. Employees are still encouraged to work from home wherever possible. Employees over the age of 65 or more requested to stay home, their health conditions are strongly encouraged to remain at home.
  • Make Posters related to social Distancing and inform employees and staff about the Symptoms of Corona Virus.
  • Limited Office Visitors and Service Providers are allowed.
  • Minimize Contacts of employees with themselves in their break time/ free time


  • Employees should be trained in rules and reopening.
  • Employees also should receive training on proper cleaning techniques and the use of cleaning supplies.
  • Training must be provided at no cost to employees and provided during working hours. 


  • Before Reopening Office Must Clean the Whole Office With sanitizer Entrance, Windows, Doors, Bathroom, Table. Chair, Printer, Computer, etc and Do not Forget to clean Knobs and handles.
  • Encourage employees to wash hands often and for at least 20 seconds.
  • Ensure that cleaning Material and products are available, especially near highly used areas such as bathrooms, shared equipment, and coffee machines.
  • Hand sanitizers must be available at entrance points and in common areas.

Sitting Structure

  • Maintain 6 feet of distance between employees
  • Close No- essential spaces to encourage social distancing.
  • Use Stairs instead of lifts.
  • Limit the use of shared equipment among employees, and ensure that any shared equipment is cleaned after each use.

Personal Protection

  • Employees are required to wear masks/face coverings that completely cover the employee’s nose and mouth
  • Gloves and eye protection are required before coming to the office.
  • If a visitor/customer does not have a mask/face covering, an employer may provide one to the visitor.

These are some guidelines we must follow before came to offices. We can Fight with this pandemic with these rules.