In Today’s World, Most of the company’s Around the World Started Working from home because of novel Corona Virus Outbreak. Work From Home is Awesome for Employees, but along with it here’s come some responsibility as well. Here are some lines for this new way of working.

  1. Communicate with your Team on a Daily Basis
  • Have daily meetings with your Team to help them in their task take help from them in your task and keeping team members accountable to one another in their respective tasks.
  • Work from home can be Lonely. You can not walk by your colleague to say something, Send them informal Messages with emojis.
  • Distractions from work
  • Turned off your Television Because it is the biggest distraction. You can use radio or Audio Music as Background, But Video Music Might Be Distractive.
  • Stay away from social media because it is a time-waster if you are not careful.
  • Do not Work in Your bedroom its so Comfortable Place to Work. Work Somewhere on Benches and Table Etc.

Some Useful Tips For Working From Home:-

  • Set Up Your Workspace: Find an area in your home that’s conducive to working. Whether it’s a desk or a Couch, just make sure it allows you to stay focus.
  • Stick to Routine: Wake up Early, Take a Shower Have Breakfast, Or coffee, Tea. This Helps Prepare Your Mind and Body For A Productive Way of Working.
  • Have a do to List: Before You Start list down your Work. Set Your Time to Complete your Task and Make sure you follow the Schedule.
  • Communicate: Check-in your Boss and Colleagues from time to time. Update them on your Schedule.
  • Take Breaks: Give Yourself Enough time during the day to walk away from your Computer screen and Phone.