1.NOC: (No objection certificate) on company letterhead (stamped and signed) (attached standard format)

In general, no objection certificate is a Document  in Which the provider of the document states that he has no objection to the provisions contained in the document. This is an essential document that must be presented for registration.

2. Rent Agreement for Virtual Offices: (Attached standard format) (stamped and signed on each side).

This agreement must be made on stamp paper (any INR 20 / INR 50/100 stamp paper would suffice).

A rental  Document is an agreement between two people or companies in which one agrees to provide the other with a certain service.

Contract duration: 12 months from the date of the contract.

Type of contract: All premises remain the property of the service provider and remain in their possession and control. This agreement is only  for sthe client and cannot be transmitted to third parties. The service provider may transfer the benefits of this agreement and its obligations under this at any time.

Acknowledgement  and Acceptance of the  Terms of Use. :The services are offered to the client subject to acceptance without changing the terms and conditions contained in this contract.

Use of address :The customer may use the address for business correspondence.

Rental / subscription: Rental / subscription fees are paid in advance.

3. Utility  Biills:

Utility bill for the last month (not earlier than the last 45 days)

The amount that a home or office must pay monthly for electricity, water and / or gas. Electricity bills vary based on usage. However, many local and national governments regulate profits from public services and limit the amount they can bill customers.