About E-commerce sites

E-commerce websites are online portals that facilitate online transactions of goods and services by transferring information and funds over the Internet. … Now everything that requires a transaction can be done online with just one website. There are many E-commerce websites which Provides us this facilities like Amazon and Flipkart etc. E-commerce grabbed the great opportunity to sell worldwide. They are the Great business models. Where people like you and me can sell their local goods just by registering as a seller.

How to Register as an E-commerce Seller

In India, there are some rules and Regulations For Registering as an E-Commerce Seller. There are some Requirements for Registering as a Seller Mentioned Below:

  • An Active Bank Account
  • Tax Information such as GSTIN and PAN number
  • Minimum One Product to sell

You just need these details to register Yourself as an Amazon E-commerce Seller. Once you register Amazon will Provide you a Seller Central Account for listing your Products. You can Easily list your Products at any E-commerce site by using that GST Number.

The process to Get an E-commerce Portal GST Address

If You Have Your Office Address You can Easily Get GST Number but some people don’t have any Office Address. We Have a Solution For them You can Register Your Business as a Virtual office. People who want to sell their local products in Amazon do not need foe Traditional Office Address. They can Register their business on Virtual Office and can easily get GST Number for register as an Amazon Seller. We have Prime location business Centers across India.

Aaddress Provide Premium Virtual Office Address all across 29 states in India. We have all locations at high-quality Prime locations. If Professional will be used as your company address You will gain Customer Trust and a Professional Image to Your Business.

Why GST Registration is Important? 

On 1st July 2017 Government of India Implemented GST ( Goods and Service Tax).

 Advantages of GST Registration

  • You can Legally Recognize as a Supplier on any E-commerce site.
  • It enables Proper Accountings of Tax Paid. It can be Utilized for Payment of GST For the Supply of Goods and Services.
  • You can Legally Authorize to collect tax from Purchasers.
  • You can also Eligible to avail of many other benefits under GST Laws.
  • You can Sell Interstate without any Restrictions